Somerville Chocolate

About Our Chocolate

Somerville Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate chocolate making business located in Somerville, Massachusetts.  Chocolate is made in extremely small batches of no more than 120 bars. For availability, please check our online store, stop by the shop (14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA), or email for more information. You can also find Somerville Chocolate at select retail locations.

Ingredients and Process

  • Chocolate is made in a licensed commercial kitchen in Somerville, MA.
  • Chocolate does not contain nuts and is made in a facility that does not process or store nuts.
  • Where possible, organic / fair trade (or similar) cacao is used. However, due to the experimental goals of the Somerville Chocolate and the limited sources of cacao available to small chocolate makers it may become necessary on occasion to use cacao that is not organic.
  • At present, chocolate bars are hand tempered, hand molded and hand wrapped. As such, chocolate bars sometimes exhibit slight imperfections – usually limited to the backs of chocolate bars.
  • Most, but not all of the chocolate made by Somerville Chocolate is dark and has a simple list of ingredients: cacao and sugar. Other types of chocolate are produced on occasion. Soy lecithin is not used.
  • Chocolate is made with vegan sugar. Chocolate containing dairy (milk) is not refined in the same equipment as that used for dark chocolate.  The same molds are used for both, however.