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Season #2

Season #2 :

#1 – Origins – 70% cacao content – using origins from Ghana, Venezuela and Peru.

#2 – Roasts – 70% cacao content – using a cacao from Nicaragua, roasted in three different ways.

#3 – Percentages – 55%, 70% and 85% cacao content bars using a cacao from Belize.

#4 – Venezuela – Three different cacaos for Venezuela, prepared at 75%: Chuao, Patanemo and Ocumare

#5 – Milk – Ghana forastero cacao prepared dark (60%), and two different dark milk bars, with added cinnamon and vanilla

#6 – Madagascar – two different roasts of a Madagascar cacao plus one blend, all with 10% added cocoa butter

#7 – Refinement – three different levels of refinement (20, 66 & 166 hours) of a Dominican cacao – 70% cacao content

#8 – Inclusions – beer hops infused dark milk, coffee infused dark using blend of 3 origins, and spice infused blend of 3 origins

2 thoughts on “Season #2

  1. Michael R Medice

    A chocolate CSA, what a wonderful idea! As a long time chocolate connoisseur and big fan of Burdicks, I’d love to be a member. Are you still enrolling people for the upcoming season? I’ve subscribed to the vegetable CSA out of Kickass Cupcakes for quite a few seasons now and find that it forces me, in a good way, to try new types of produce. I can only imagine that a chocolate CSA would have a similar effect.

    Best Regards,


    1. Somerville Chocolate Post author

      Hi Mike (and a few others who contacted me here) –
      Sorry for the delay. Yours are the first comments / questions I’ve received via the new WordPress site & I’d neglected to check in & see if people had commented. Being a blog it should have been obvious to me…

      There’s still room in the CSA for season #2. For more details click on the “Chocolate CSA” tab without scrolling down to either “season #1” or “season #2”. A little quirk I need to fix. You’ll also find a link to the enrollment form-

      Thanks for your comment / question-


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