Somerville Chocolate

Season #1

Season #1 harvests:

  1. Three different roasts of a Ghana Forastero bean, 70% cacao content, with 5% added cocoa butter.
  2. Three different roasts of a Venezuela Criollo – Trinitario blend, 70% cacao content, no added cocoa butter.
  3. Three different cacao contents using a Guatemalan Trinitario bean with 3% added cocoa butter.
  4. Three bars: 70% Hawaiian, 70% House blend A with Vanilla bean, 70% House blend B with cinnamon.
  5. Three different levels of added cocoa butter using a Peruvian Criollo bean at 70% total cacao content.
  6. Six different bars using 2 roasts and different levels of refinement ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours using Bolivian Criollo / Trinitario bean at 70% and 87% cacao content.
  7. Three bars: white chocolate with nibs and bourbon, milk chocolate using a blend of origins and added crystallized ginger, and dark chocolate using a blend of origins at 70% cacao content and added cardamom and dried orange peel.
  8. Four bars using Dominican Trinitario bean at 65% cacao content and using different types of sugar: white sugar, Sucanat, maple sugar, and palm sugar.
  9. Three bars: Papua New Guinea Forastero at 65% cacao content, 65% Dominican roasted in a wood oven, and 65% Dominican smoked over pecan wood.