Somerville Chocolate

About the CSA


Modeled on the popular vegetable CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) concept, the Somerville Chocolate has created a Chocolate CSA in which share owners receive chocolate “harvests” at periodic intervals throughout the chocolate “season”.

The broader goal of the CSA is to use the multiple-bar harvests as a means of involving people in the experimental nature of chocolate making and the role that the various steps in the process play in developing the final flavor, look and consistency of chocolate. Thus most (but not all) of the harvests feature multiple chocolate bars that highlight a particular variable. A few examples would be the roast profile / process, sugar content, cocoa butter content, refinement / conch time, or type of sweetener.  Generally each harvest features beans from a different origin or a blend of multiple origins. Every now and then the CSA will break things up by offering three completely different bars that experiment with inclusions / additives.

Enrollment for season #6 is now open.


  • The chocolate season lasts one year
  • Chocolate harvests occur approximately every 3 months (4 per season)
  • Each chocolate harvest includes three 2.5 ounce (about 70 grams) chocolate bars.
  • Chocolate is picked up by members from one of three locations: 1) Somerville Chocolate near Union square, 2)True Grounds Coffee House in Ball Square, 3) Social Wines in Cambridge near Central Square, 4) Alium Market in Brookline. Other pickup locations can and will be added if sufficient demand arises outside of Somerville. Feel free to make suggestions.
  • The share price is $100 for four harvests.
  • Chocolate can be mailed to members for an additional 35$ per season (reflecting only the cost of postage). Chocolate is mailed using small flat rate US Priority Mail boxes. Note that summer mailing might necessitate other arrangements in order to avoid chocolate melting or losing temper.
  • It is possible to join the CSA after the start of each season. Additional quantities of each harvest have been produced with the goal of allowing the enrolling late to “catch up” & receive all the chocolate of the season.

To join the CSA please visit the  shop tab.