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Somerville Chocolate is located at 14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA  02143. For all inquiries please email

Hours of operation are not reliable enough to publish here, but one is more likely than not to find me between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

To reach our chocolatier-in-residence, Gate Comme Des Filles, visit

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Adrienne Henson

    Hi Eric,
    This chocolate loving girl would really like to try your bars and to share with my chocolate colleague Brady.
    Any way to get them???
    I would also like to share the smoked one with another client of mine,I liked that bar and it was very cool.

  2. Julia Buckley

    Hi! Just noticed on your retail seller sections that Gourmet Boutique – a small chocolate shop in Copley Square, Boston that sells your product is not listed – I just stopped working there after 2 years, they’re very popular and great – you should throw them on there 🙂

    Julia Buckley

    1. Somerville Chocolate Post author

      Hi Julia,

      Thanks for letting me know, & sorry it took so long to get back to you. I had no access to my site for a while (under modifications) & missed your comment.

      Gourmet Boutique is indeed a cool little place, & I’m glad to be there. Anya does a great job there.

      There was a long pause when she didn’t have my chocolate. I must have pruned the reference at one point without remembering. I appreciate you’re pointing that out – I went & added Gourmet Boutique back to the list.

      Thanks again,
      Eric Parkes
      Somerville Chocolate

  3. Jenn heil

    Hello, we will be in the Somerville area the last Sunday in January. Are open? And if so, may we purchase some of your chocolate? Jenn

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