Somerville Chocolate

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Chocolate can be purchased at a variety of specialty stores in and around the greater Somerville area (see list below), as well as directly from Somerville Chocolate.

To buy chocolate from our chocolatier-in-residence, Gate Come Des Filles visit

The following bars are available for purchase at Somerville Chocolate, either in person or by mail. Email for more information.

  • Hawaiian 70%: made with beans sourced from a small grower on the Big Island in Hawaii – $10.00
  • White Chocolate: made with natural cocoa butter and an inclusion of nibs from a cacao from Belize – $9.00
  • Nicaragua 70% – $9.00
  • Dominican 65% “Lapsang Souchocolate”:  smoked over apple wood – $10.00
  • Hops infused white chocolate – $9.00 (sold out)
  • Hops infused dark milk chocolate – $9.00

In addition, limited amounts of leftover or extra chocolate from CSA harvests is available for purchase. The types and quantities vary by the harvest. For more information on current chocolate offerings or (or any other questions) email

Shipping is billed at cost only.


Retail locations that sell Somerville Chocolate:

(note: it is best to call first – some stores only carry the chocolate seasonally)



Arlington Centered, 487 Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington, MA

Formaggio Kitchen South End, 268 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, MA

Fastachi, 83 Charles Street, Boston, MA

Gourmet Boutique, 10 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA

The Wine Gallery, 400 Washington Street, Brookline, MA

Boston Cheese Cellar, 18 Birch Street, Roslindale, MA

Formaggio Kitchen North Cambridge, 244 Huron Ave, Cambridge, MA

Cambridge Naturals, 23 White Street, Cambridge, MA

Spindler Confections, 2257 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA

Wine & Cheese Cask, 407 Washington Street, Cambridge, MA

Salt & Olive, 1160 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Darwin’s Ltd., 313 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Darwin’s Ltd., 148 Mount. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA

The Cave, 44 Main Street,  Gloucester, MA

Shubie’s Marketplace, 16 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead, MA

Joppa Fine Foods, 50 Water Street #305, Newburyport, MA

Provisions, 30 Crafts Ave, Northampton, MA

Cheese Shop of Salem, 45 Lafayette Street, Salem, MA

Somerville Chocolate Worldwide Headquarters, 14 Tyler Street, Somerville, MA

Dave’s Fresh Pasta, 81 Holland Street, Somerville, MA

Magpie, 416 Highland Avenue, Somerville, MA

Fastachi, 598 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA

Julio’s Liquors, 140 Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA

New Hampshire:

Interiors Green, Rt. 302, 2021 Main Street, Bethlehem, NH


Chocolate Covered, 4069 24th Street, San Francisco, CA


Chocolopolis, 1527 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA



British Colombia:

The Chocolate Project at the Hudson, 1701 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC